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At NeuroWorks Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing personalized, specific chiropractic care that allows the nervous system to function optimally. We believe all members of the family deserve to be healthy, and we offer natural, holistic healthcare treatments to reach any wellness goal.​

Our chiropractic and nutrition services are available in our Missouri City, Texas office. We also provide virtual nutrition services when needed.

For animals, we provide care in office, and we make barn calls for larger farm animals.

While many chiropractic offices focus purely on pain management, we like to take a holistic approach to care. We know that low back pain or daily migraines are rarely isolated events, so we always look for a connection elsewhere.

Often times, there is a physical, chemical, and emotional connection to our pain.

You can expect a comprehensive examination that allows us to assess your entire  neuromusculoskeletal system. Once we have performed this evaluation, we will develop a care plan that meets your healthcare needs.

We look forward to working with you.

About Us


Animal Chiropractic


Care for dogs, horses, cats, and other farm animals.

Saddle Fit


We can help ensure your horse has a proper saddle fit to minimize pain and injury.

Family Chiropractic


We take care of all ages, from babies to adults and help regulate the nervous system.

Functional Nutrition


From weight loss to pain control, we utilize nutrition to help you meet your goals.

Personal Injury


We support you after auto accidents, falls, and other soft tissue injuries.

Disc Rehab


We specialize in reducing herniated or bulging discs in the spine.

Our Services



Megan Arnold



Hailey Arnold


Our Chiropractors


I’ve been seeing Dr. Hailey and Dr. Megan off an on for the last year. As a collegiate athlete this is great place that I’ve gone to for functional medicine and chiropractic treatment. The two of them have created a specialized treatment plan for my long term goals as well as provided treatment for my short term aches, pains, injuries and everything in between. They know the importance of a healthy body and treat each clients needs on an individual basis. I would highly recommend anybody that is looking for specialized care with a family feel to go check them out. Tell them I sent you!

Alex R.

Worked/working with both Dr Hailey Heard & Dr Megan Arnold. I myself have been a patient as well as my 7 year old (she started at age 4, I think) I’m an autoimmune momma with an autoimmune spectrum child. Love these ladies! They have helped both of us heal and repair our immune systems. Highly recommend them for chiropractic and nutritional support. They both have a tremendous knowledge of genetics and how knowing your genetics can help with planning your nutritional needs.

If you’re like me you were tired of going to doctors who have no health problems and are unable to relate to the struggle of being sick. These doctors can relate and sympathize. It is refreshing.

You won’t regret reaching out to them!

Amazing docs, great packages that focus on nutrition and gut health. Genuine truly caring docs. They have helped my son who is autistic immensely in the last year.

Bobbie S.

Joy S.

Success Stories


Our Address

4501 Cartwright Road #401

Missouri City, Texas 77459

Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

In-Office, Virtual, and Mobile Options

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