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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison

What is CHiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

The Doctor of Chiropractic detects and corrects the vertebral subluxation complex, a condition that decreases joint mobility and creates dysfunction within the nervous system (the system that controls every cell in the body).  

Chiropractic prides itself on one basic concept:

The body will heal itself if there is no neurological interruption.

In order to allow for that innate healing potential, precise, gentle alignment of the spine must occur on a regular basis to restore motion to the joints and decrease impingement of the nerves. 

What to expect


Initial Exam

When you come into our office for the first time, you will be greeted warmly by our staff. Our doctors will take a thorough health history and perform an exam. This will include a neurological and an orthopedic exam.


First Adjustment

Your first adjustment will be provided either immediately following the initial exam or the next day, depending on your condition. The goal of the first adjustment is to remove interference from the nervous system.


Care Plan

Based on your response to the first adjustment and your overall healthcare goals, a plan of action will be created for you. Some people utilize chiropractic as a part of a healthy lifestyle, while others need it for pain relief. We will help you reach your goals.

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 Low-Force, Tonal, Specific, Neurological


Tonal Techniques

We believe that the least amount of input into the nervous system is required to make the biggest impact. We utilize techniques that do not require "twisting or popping," which can increase the fight or flight response of the nervous system. Instead, we provide calm, gentle adjustments that enhance healing.


Neuro-Emotional Technique

Not only do we focus on the mechanics of the spine and how it affects the nervous system, we also concern ourselves with your mental well-being. NET allows us to correct the emotional tie to the physical symptom be changing neural pathways.


Upper Cervical Specific

Our practitioners have advanced training in adjustment techniques that focus on the upper neck area, C0-C2, which has close contact to the spinal cord. This area deals directly with organ function, especially breathing and heart rate. It also allows for greater neurological connection to the entire body.


Disc and Soft Tissue Rehab

Our practitioners utilize a variety of techniques to address soft tissue injury, especially herniated discs and whiplash. From dry needling to traction, we have the tools that reduce healing time and restore proper flexibility to tissues throughout the body.

Custom Wellness Plans

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Family Care

Advanced Diagnostics

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