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Image by Bharathi Kannan

Animal Chiropractic

"Animals are a prescription for happiness."

~ James Herriot

why does an animal need
chiropractic Care?

Proper Neurological Communication

When an animal has reduced mobility, either in the spinal column or extremities, there is a disconnection in communication between the brain and the body. Chiropractic restores this connection by increasing range of motion and reducing pressure on the nervous system.

Small Animals

Farm Animals

Working Animals

Show Animals

How Do I Know My Animal Needs Care?



Some symptoms that show your dog needs chiropractic include:

  • Limping

  • Behavioral changes

  • Puppy sitting

  • Anal gland issues

  • Pain

  • Reduced range of motion



Some symptoms that show your horse needs chiropractic include:

  • Limping

  • Behavioral changes

  • Excessive ear twitching

  • Odd gait

  • Poor performance

  • Joint stiffness


Working Animals

If your animal trains, works, or performs in any capacity, chiropractic is an added benefit to their wellness routine. We care for a variety of workers:

  • Jumpers / Dressage / Barrel

  • Agility Dogs

  • Show Animals


1 Do you help more than just dogs and horses?

Yes! We can help any animal with a spine. Most commonly, we see dogs, cats, and horses; however, we have also helped rabbits, pigs, and cows. We would love to adjust a giraffe! 

2 Do I need a referral from my veterinarian?

Currently in the state of Texas, yes. Your vet needs to fill out our referral form before we can see your animal.

3 Do you make house / barn calls?

Yes! We travel throughout Texas to help animals in need. We have an office near Houston, but we routinely travel to DFW, Longview, and Austin.

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